how to sign up for the 2019 fire & ice plunge


I'm ready to jump!

Congratulations!  You're already more awesome!

What to expect:

Jumpin' is a crazy thing, man. We've seen pigs and chickens holding hands. Superheroes and fairies floating around together like it's no big deal. We've even seen a caveman or two. What we haven't seen is WHAT YOU SHOW US in 2019. You'll just need to be aware of a couple of things and you'll be ready to start gunnin' for those bragging rights - and of course, that sweet, sweet grand prize money!

  • Your jump is as much your own personal talent show as it is your own personal ice bath. Make it big, make it bright, and make a splash!

  • The runway is yours to own. Show the world what you've got. We've heard that costumes, crazy cool style, and complete and total originality go over well with the judge types.

  • All jump groups have a chance to compete equally for the grand prize, regardless of size (up to 4 jumpers per group). Will you win as the lone wolf or the conquering army?

  • You will get wet. And everything you're wearing will too. Make sure to take your phone out of your pocket. Pros will bring a plastic bag for their wet stuff, towels and a hair dryer.

  • Heated changing rooms are available before and after your jump. Bring a warm change of clothes and a towel for maximum plunge enjoyment.

  • The Columbia Heights Fire Department will be in the water with you to make sure that you're safe every step of the way. Make sure to thank them at the event.

Get set in three easy steps:

1:  Make a donation for each jumper, or have a sponsor do it on your behalf. Minimum jump donations are $40/adult and $20/youth (under 18).

2.  Complete and sign the waiver and agree to the jump rules. We take this part seriously.

3.  Get ready to be totally freakin' awesome. We take this part seriously too.